Stillness! Shut up mind, and let your Soul speak!

50 x 70 cm

Watercolor ( Schmincke) on Watercolorpaper

Before I started to let new things come into my life I needed to do some forgiveness work! Forgive others and the most hardest thing ever forgive yourself ! How on earth can I do that? It’s definitely more easy said than done! What helped me was sitting down and making a list. The list of how those evil things that had happen to me, brought me good. And specifically what kind of good. I have some rare qualities that I would never have with a different history or different choices in life. And the way I am today is pretty amazing! Yes, I do love me! And that is normally not easy to say for someone who was being abused. Because shame and guilt used to be my companion. The other part was and is meditation!!! Or any other way of connection to your soul. Because that’s our true being! If you don’t connect yourself daily how can you be true to yourself ? Whatever it is that you are doing, don’t forget to take some moments out of your day and be still! Stillness! Shut up mind and let your soul speak!

Original artwork missing!

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