The Mask


The Mask

120 x 80 cm

Goldenacrylics, Varnish, Wood, Cardboard on Canvas.

I was raised to wear the Mask. In order to be sure no one will be suspicious that something is wrong in our household. So I tried to be the perfect version of what society thinks I should be. When I grew older & became a mother myself I realized I’m still doing it even though there’s no reason no more. I’m free! Now I’m actually enjoying to point out my mistakes, flaws and failures and enjoy to have real fun with that. This is a reminder. When I first saw on YouTube Maya Angelou performing her poem “The Mask”, I burst out in tears.. we all do it from time to time. But we as a society should be aware when children do it extensively something is wrong and we should pay attention. Because children are normally much more careless and free as they should be let’s raise our kids together and just pay attention, look out for one another!



Mask-Hand Mask-Detail


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