They say I’m not good enough




120 x120 cm
Acryl, Spray Paint, Marker on 8 pieces of cardboard #cardboardart
I’ve painted this piece after being rejected from 2 major art fairs in Germany. I felt so sad and heartbroken. I immediately went into “I’m not good enough” mode. Putting ourselves down when something is not working is so common, at least for me. Although I know what my abilities are, when life hits you with rejection, we tend to struggle in believing in ourselves and in our path. What I’ve noticed is that children don’t usually act this way. When my 3 year old gets confronted with someone telling her she can’t do this and that… she just laughs it off . She thinks it’s funny, because it’s so obvious for her that she can. She knows she can. She feels it. And she immediately shows it to the world. Look, WHAT I CAN DO. So basically this was a reminder to myself. Just because the outside chose to reject my artwork for certain projects, doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all. So a year later I was able to attend those art fairs I was rejected by and I’m so grateful for that experience. I’ve learned so much about the business behind art , about the feelings and struggles of other artists, about the people behind the scenes and I’ve learned once again when you open your heart and show people your art, your heart and your soul, you might get hurt, you might meet the most amazing people with equally open hearts and have the best time of your life!❤️


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