Me, the sunrise and a sisterfriend

Me, the sunrise and a sisterfriend

Actually i should start with my sisterfriend.. but the title sounds more catchy when I start with me LOL so ...

yes, I did it. I did a professional photo shooting.

I'm actually very proud of myself. I wanted to say no, just for a little bit. Just because I thought a little bit - too much. Then fears come up and I tend to fall back into what I already know. Into whats familiar.                                               

So I quickly stopped myself in a careless and brave moment and said YES. Yes, I would like to do a photo shoot with you. I am scared. It's new. And I don't know what I'm supposed to do. But I'm willing to try out. I'm willing to fail. To look stupid or even feel stupid in order to grow and learn something knew. In order to live. Actually.

Now I have to tell you about my sweet friend, who offered to take some pictures and took my on this adventure. She truly is a warmhearted Soul and so professional in what she does, that you don't even recognize the work she is putting into this event. She doesn't make it technical. She makes it easy. I felt so comfortable that at one point I even changed outfits on the streets. And that is coming from someone who hides behind bedroom doors to put on pyjamas in front of my family. So, yes.. what can I say. Me feeling comfortable, relaxed and joyful was the most important thing to her. Because she understands that taken a picture isn't just about skills, camera and light. It's about capturing a feeling. A moment of truth. And you can only show your truth, when you feel save. So that's what she did. Made me feel save. 

Thank you my friend for that beautiful experience and these wonderful pictures. And THANK YOU for helping me learn something new, yet again.



photo credits and sisterfriend: Nathalie Csorvasi



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