My Story












Since I can remember I used my spirit senses. Sometimes I just knew things (claircognizant ), without knowing why. But since I was a child it was very normal to me and I didn’t question this knowing. I just trusted it.

Often times I could feel energy and emotions of others, even complete strangers (clairsentience ).

I got visions and images or I could see colors while meditating.

There are four major intuitive gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizant.

We all have those. Everyone of us! And if you allow your mind to wonder, I promise that you’ll recognize at least a few situations in which you’ve used them.

As we grow older, we normally tend to not trust in them, not believe in them and therefore never trained them. But you can easily access your intuitive gifts.

I loved to surround myself with any form of expression.

I became an artist and painted my heart, soul and visions on canvases, paper, cardboard.. whatever I could find. Often times while in a meditative state, while listening to music. 

I became a writer of poetry. I just opened up the possibility to become a channel of higher roams and it came to me. Words came fast and easy to me. I managed not to think with my mind while writing. Instead I let it intuitively come to me.

After i witnessed so many magical moments in my life, I was longing for someone to teach me how to train and access it more easily and effectively. I also knew that I would have to release trauma, anger, guilt and a lot of stuck emotions and believe systems that are no longer serving me. Shortly after I send out this wish to the universe, I found Theta Healing.

Which was all I’ve been looking for, all those years.

With Theta Healing I can not only train my connection and intuitive senses, I can also heal.

With this method I could finally release and change beliefs that are in my DNA, ancestry line or on my soul level.

So I became a Theta healer. And I love it. I constantly take more seminars and courses and give 1:1 healing sessions. With each session I give to my clients, I learn and heal so much myself.

I love the combination of these two loves in my life.

Art and Healing - were always my motivation in life.

Art Heals - was always my slogan in life.


We all have an artist that lies within us. It could be music, art, dance, photography, poetry, writing, pottery, craft, theater, performance, comedy, singing, you name it.

We all know how magical it feels to create and express something that comes from deep within us.






  • If you are interested in healing and find your purpose in life
  • If you like to remove blockages, anger, trauma, shame, guilt etc that keeps you stuck in life by repeating old patterns that no longer serves your highest and best way or even makes you sick or feel exhausted all the time
  • If you like to know how it feels to use your intuitive senses
  • If you like to know how it feels to express yourself
  • If you like to learn how you can journal and access information of your higher self



I am happy to work with you!
In fact I believe I am here to help you.