My Story


I wanna try sharing with you here, why I chose to become an artist

and why I believe ART CAN HEAL.

I grew up in an iranian-german family and was confronted with something called racism very early on while trying to navigate a life between two very different cultures. When I turned 5 years old was exposed to domestic violence, mental illness and sexual abuse. 

As a young child, coping with these issues, which you can't verbalize yet for  many different reasons, I was so lucky that I discovered Art as a language to express myself.

I wasn't any good. I was just telling my truth. I wrote poems, illustrated, danced and dreamt myself away into a beautiful place worth dreaming for. 

Later in life, I found myself divorced and as a single mum trying to figure out who I was. I was an Artist, i thought. That's what I truly wanted to do. But I needed to learn. Learn how to paint, learn techniques and styles. Learn how to run a business, get familiar with the industry etc

It took me a decade and more to work other jobs to support my daughter and me and LEARN all the above at night - when my daughter was asleep. I worked myself up very slowly , step by step. Throughout those years I always turned to other artists and asked questions. I was hungry for mentorship and advice. But unfortunately I almost never got support. That's why I chose to offer support to other young artist today. I became an art coach myself to be someone, I longed to find myself for years.

Of course you can NOT heal an illness with art. But you can give an inner part of yourself, the part that longs for hope, a voice. You can express yourself in ways, that when done right, opens doors to worlds yet wanting to be discovered. It's called intuition.


Thats why i get goosebumps, when entering a museum

Thats why I cry when I listen to a song

Thats why I laugh watching a movie.

Because artists never work alone. They speak with their team of light regularly through their work.

Invite as much art into your life, as you can. Surround yourself with it. 

And breathe.

At least that's what I do.


love, mitra


Video of me painting & exhibiting