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Premium Energy Reading Package

Premium Energy Reading Package

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Welcome to Energy Readings with Mitra

Unlock the wisdom of your soul and illuminate your path with a personalized Energy Reading by Mitra. Unlike traditional readings that rely on tools, Mitra channels without any tools like Tarot Cards for example and directly connects to your energy field to provide you with insights, guidance, and clarity tailored specifically to your journey.


Premium Energy Reading Package

Elevate your experience with our premium Energy Reading package. In addition to a a personalized reading (PDF document), you’ll receive expedited delivery within 1-2 weeks. Allowing you to access guidance and support sooner. Dive deeper into your journey of self-discovery with extended insights and clarity.

✨ What is an Energy Reading? ✨

Think of it as a sacred conversation with your higher self. Through intuitive connection, Mitra taps into your energy field and through that short reflection can unveiling hidden truths, untangling knots, and illuminating the way forward. It’s like receiving a gentle nudge from the universe, guiding you towards alignment and empowerment.

An energy reading is a spiritual practice where an intuitive practitioner taps into the subtle energy fields surrounding an individual to gain insights, guidance, and understanding about various aspects of their life. It involves connecting with the individual's energy vibration to perceive patterns, emotions, and potential blockages that may be affecting their physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

💫 How You Benefit 💫

The positive effects of an energy reading can be profound. It can offer individuals an opportunity to gain clarity, validation, and support on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

• Clarity: Gain a deeper understanding of your current path and purpose.
• Insight: Receive guidance on important decisions and life challenges.
• Healing: Release blockages and embrace your true potential by realizing your current energy state
• Reflection: Explore your beliefs and thought patterns, gaining insight into areas for growth and transformation.
• Empowerment: Step into your authentic power and create the life you desire.

Tailored PDF Deliveries: Each Energy Reading is uniquely crafted to reflect a certain aspect of your current energy. PDFs may vary in length and format, ranging from succinct insights to comprehensive messages or heartfelt poems. Rest assured, every reading is designed with intention and delivered in English.       

By identifying energetic imbalances or limiting beliefs, energy readings can empower individuals to release old patterns, heal past wounds, and align with their true essence. Ultimately, energy readings facilitate a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom and the universal flow of energy.

🕰️ Timing and Delivery 🕰️

Your journey begins as soon as you purchase your Energy Reading. Expect to receive your personalized PDF within 2-3 weeks, crafted with care and intention. Mitra devotes her energy and attention to each reading, ensuring you receive the clarity and guidance you seek.

🌿 Trust and Connection 🌿

By purchasing an Energy Reading, you grant Mitra permission to connect with your energy field. Rest assured, your privacy and trust are paramount. If you wish to receive your reading at a different email address, simply reach out to Otherwise your personalized Reading will be send to the Email Adress which you used with your purchase.

⚠️ Important Note ⚠️

During your reading, Mitra may receive symbols, signs, or messages. Please remember that interpretations may vary, and what resonates with one person may differ for another. If something doesn’t quite align with your perspective, trust your intuition more than anything.

Mitra is here to support and guide you, but please note that Energy Readings are not a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic advice. If you are experiencing severe mental health issues or physical illnesses, we strongly encourage you to seek assistance from a qualified therapist or healthcare professional.

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